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As of April 2020, there are now over one million podcasts for audiences to download. So how do you create a show that stands out from the crowd and becomes THE appointment to listen in a persons day that can't and won't be missed?


Firstly, the number of popular podcasts makes up a tiny proportion of what's out there. Stop now, and name as many as you can...

How did you do?


Brand podcasts must begin with great content, but go far beyond that. 

Strategic planning around unique formats, talent, marketing and distribution are crucial and that’s where our expertise comes in.


C Hear combines all the above, from a position of expertise.


Producing radio shows and podcasts for UK broadcasters including the BBC, our team are ambitious content makers. We have creative thinkers, technical knowhow and editorial experience, resulting in award-winning formats. We know how to engage with listeners and most importantly, keep them coming back for more.


The podcast market is diverse and brand podcasts are setting a new agenda for creativity. We understand this is part of a marketing strategy where the goals and ambitions can be significantly different to that of a broadcaster. We have extensive experience working with agencies and brands to achieve success, however this may look. Our process is always collaborative to ensure goals are met, whilst ensuring the ambitions and end product of the content are never sacrificed.

Diverse audiences

We recognise the importance of reaching diverse audiences but also the importance of doing so in a genuine and authentic way. We have partnered with Brand Advance to become the exclusive podcast creator for their clients. Their mission is simple- they help some of the biggest brands reach diversity at scale, with authenticity and we're excited to be adding podcasts to their content services.


Our industry network and talent relationships are fundamental in everything we create. We work with some of the most gifted and incredible people in sport, entertainment, music, and comedy. We understand how to work with presenters and recognise how important using the right voices is when connecting to audiences. Brands must key in to this golden opportunity to work with the perfect public face of their podcast- someone who is passionate, creative, trusted and can be a true representative of the brand.

Beyond the podcast

Creating a podcast is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but it doesn't have to end there. Your podcast can be part of a bigger marketing strategy or PR campaign that includes events, live records, video content, print and much more.

Our sister production company CopC Productions gives us the network and knowhow to build a creative and ambitious campaign that compliments your podcast.

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